Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Watershed programmes

When agriculture is already shrinking and became loss-making in many states of India, our rural community needs support for not only irrigation but a compact model of farming which can enable them to draw variety of benefits through management of local resources collectively in terms of environment preservation, animal husbandry, new products, processing and market linkage. Watershed Management Program proposes checking the runoff water, protecting …Read More


Housing development

Families and homes are still the first and foremost concern for Indian women. In slum areas where low income group people live with congestion without proper housing facility, lack sanitation and suffer from inadequate financial provisions to lead quality life, NBJK with the kind support of Oak Foundation has intervened through women SHGs facilitated earlier in those areas with a program of housing infrastructure improvement. …Read More


Skill development and livelihood

In villages, unskilled youths are forced to migrate for work to bigger cities because of less opportunity in local areas. Many people with disabilities could not earn their livelihood because of less opportunities in the villages. Widow and deserted women are also looked down in the society. To empower them all, it is necessary that they earn their own livelihood and to provide them with …Read More


Micro Credit

Poverty is the root cause of several problems faced by people in villages and slums. Poverty is like a vicious cycle, one cannot move out of poverty unless external support is provided to break the cycle. Many poor people want to start their business or expand their small business but without capital, they are not able to do it. NBJK through its micro credit programme, …Read More


Agriculture and Livestock Development

Majority of the population of Jharkhand (about 80%) are dependent on agriculture and forests for their livelihood. With only 8% of the Net Sown Area under irrigation, agriculture is mostly rain-fed. Untimely rainfalls and lack of rain water harvesting structures for irrigation causes serious food security issues in villages. Lack of food security from the land has compelled many families to migrate out of their …Read More