Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Name: Sunita Kumari

Village: Morangi, (Sadar),Hazaribag

Father’s Name: Late Raju Mahato, Mother’s Name: Late Dewanti Devi

No. of Siblings: 2 younger brothers

Family Background: Sunita Kumari, presently studying in class Xth, is a resident of village Morangi. She had lost her both parents and now, she lives alone with her 2 younger brothers only and taking care of them. She herself is the guardian of her brothers. However, she has grandfather, but, he is also old and lives with his another son nearby her house. He provide little support to this young girl.

NBJK intervention: Sunita took admission in our RCC in November 2011 in class 8th. She was a regular student of our RCC, but, unfortunately on 24th April 2012, her father had died, and so, she stopped coming to RCC. At that time, she was in class 9th. She had gone to her maternal parents, with her mother and 2 younger brothers. When the Tutor Mr. Ranjeet Mishra, went to her home to know the reason of her absence from RCC, her grandfather told the Tutor, that, she started living at her maternal grandparents home, and will continue her study from there. So, the Tutor had cut her name from attendance register of RCC.

Suddenly, in July 2013, she came to RCC one day and told the Tutor, that, she wants to study in this RCC. By that time, she was in class 10th. But, due to poor health of her mother, she has to go outside of the village for her treatment, do all her household work alone, etc. she could not come to RCC on regular basis. Due to her irregular attendance, the Tutor had not enrolled her name in the attendance register. But, seeing her miserable condition, the Tutor had permitted her to come to RCC as per her own time availability. Again unfortunately, on 17th August 2013, her mother also died. She left alone with her 2 younger brothers. So, she went to her maternal grandparent’s house.

After few months, she again came back to her village Morangi,( her paternal grandparents’ home) and started living there under the protection of her grandparent with her 2 younger brothers. On 5th September 2013, again, she come to our RCC and told our Tutor, that, she wants to continue her study. She told that, due to untimely death of her parents, she is the only person to look after her 2 younger brothers and grand parents. Further, she also shared that, she could not come to RCC on time, because she has to look after her younger brothers, cook food, and to do other household work. By saying all these, her eyes were filled with tears. Our Tutor assured her, that, she could come to RCC as per her suitability of time.

Present situation: At present, (since September 2013), she is coming to our RCC and preparing for her coming Board Exams. However, due to so many disturbances in her life, she could attend neither her school, nor our RCC on regular basis. All these affects her academic performance very badly, she is very weak in her studies too. She has to work hard to earn his livelihood and to take care of her 2 younger small brothers. However, her maternal uncle (Mousa Ji) is very much supporting her. However, her maternal grandparents are giving rice, potato, etc. but, to meet her regular expenditure, she has to work as a labour on occasional basis in her village or nearby her village. But, even then, she as well as her RCC Tutor are trying their best to get good marks in her coming Board Examination. She also tells, whatever, she learns till date, is all due t o RCC, and for that, she pays her heartiest thanks to NBJK and Axis Bank foundation. Without RCC‘s timely support, she could not think of passing her Board Examination. RCC plays a very important role in filling her academic gaps and it works like a boon for her.

Future Plan: Since, there is no one to take care of, she lives alone with her 2 younger brothers and any mishappenings could take place, so, her maternal uncle has fixed her marriage. She is going to marry on 14th Feb’14. While asking about her future plan, she tells that, she wants to continue her education even after her marriage; her life partner (proposed) is also interested to continue her education. She wants to become self reliance and economically independent. She will take her younger brothers to her in laws house and look after them as a parent. We wish her for a bright future.