Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Families and homes are still the first and foremost concern for Indian women. In slum areas where low income group people live with congestion without proper housing facility, lack sanitation and suffer from inadequate financial provisions to lead quality life, NBJK with the kind support of Oak Foundation has intervened through women SHGs facilitated earlier in those areas with a program of housing infrastructure improvement.
Revolving fund is provided to them in order to repair, renovate and expand their houses. Also this ensures proper water supply, toilet facilities and drains for better sanitation.
Last year, 225 households in 10 slums of Ranchi were funded to restore basic amenities for them and women could rejoice this significant contribution they made for their families.

What is the need?
Ranchi is the capital of the newly formed state of Jharkhand. Owing to rapid urbanization in and around the city, large influx of the migrants has been observed, which has resulted in formation of slums.
Slum population by majority is Tribal Population. Most slums lack basic civic amenities like proper roads, drainage, water supply and toilet facilities.
Slum dwellers do not have permanent Housing facilities. They have houses which are made of Mud, Mud tiles with mud flooring and plastic roofed houses. Due to economic constraints they are compelled to live in one room and practice open defecation due to unavailability of latrine facilities.
Every people living in slums want to have housing with minimum facilities for smooth running of their lives. But due to heavy financial crisis they could only concentrate for their bread and every other necessarily remains secondary.

Our Approach and Achievements
NBJK has been running micro credit programme for past 10 years in slums of Ranchi. It is currently working with 100 SHGs and 1000 women from 20 slums of Ranchi.
During visits in the slums, NBJK noticed that a large number of slum dwellers are interested in a loan to renovate/repair/construct their homes. Cost for housing projects of slum dwellers goes from Rs.40,000 – Rs.70,000. Out of this amount, people were ready to contribute Rs.20,000- Rs.30,000.
As from the 43 years’ experience of our organization we are running SHGs at every slums and also providing small loans, but these loan are minimal and only for their economic growth.
NBJK with the kind support of Oak Foundation develop a new product i.e. housing loan for improvement in housing facilities so that slum dwellers could live in good conditions as of every other human being.
Under this project we propose to provide Rs 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 as loan to one beneficiary against their own share of Rs 20,000 to 30,000 in cash or kind. The loan amount is refunded in 20 to 40 equal and easy instalments. A small service charge is charged on the loan amount. Service charges add to the sustainability of the project.
The service charge earned is also used for improvement for drainage, toilets and handpump repairing or installation.

Still much to do…

  • Over 50,000 people are living in slums of Ranchi with very poor housing facilities
  • About 1000 people die every year due to poor sanitation in slums