Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

United Nations Child Rights Convention held at Geneva in 1989. In that convention, representatives from 193 countries agreed on four Child Rights

  • Rights to Survival
  • Right to Development
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation

It was observed that no children in village schools knew about their rights. Even hardly any teacher knew about the rights of children. Unawareness about right affects the participation of children in development. It is also highly likely that any case of abuse will go unreported if child do not know their rights.


NBJK has been working for past 43 years at the grass root in Bihar and Jharkhand. With the kind support of UNICEF-Jharkhand, NBJK implemented “Child Reporters” Programme. Children in schools are made aware about their rights through workshops and events. They are provided training on writing articles and stories. They are encouraged to write articles on social issues like dowry, poverty, child marriage, environment, development, etc. Best articles are selected and are published in local newspaper. To further improve their confidence, meetings of children are organised with local people representatives/government officials and they exposure to FM radio/studios.

Currently 100 government middle schools are covered in Ranchi district of Jharkhand. Last year, 2585 children have prepared 9947 articles, 4168 poems and 5980 drawings.


This has resulted in overall development of the children. They have become more vocal. With improved writing skills, their academic performance has also increased. Children are aware of their rights and constantly write articles.  Their writings have helped in stopping child marriages, reducing dropouts and also they are very active in social issues in their villages.